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47 Meters Down 2017

PG-13  2017-06-23  |  89 min   |  6.0  | 👁 1  

47 Meters Down Movie

But where the 47 meters down movie online ending really shot itself in the foot was the denouement that follows and ties in every single place up in a Pleasant safe, Hollywood ending. Basically if the movie had ended two minutes sooner, with the digital camera slowing pulling back from a girl trapped in a shark cage, the rest of the Motion pictures sins could have been over looked. One of the drawbacks though is the same that plagued Blair Witch Task The ending is the movie. But the first 80 minutes are not strong enough to get you to the final ten more than once or Style I’ll probably never see this film Time and again Despite that, I didn’t despise it. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it was the worst $11 I’ve ever spent or that I want the last two hours of my life back. It complements what it set out to 

47 Meters Down Movie Review

DO in the most shallowest of terms, and I’m good. Despite it’s many flaws, I was pleased with Mandy Moore’s performance as Lisa. She seemed to be the only actor who was steady in relying–through action, Talk demeanor and tone–exactly who her character was. Also, the movie stayed away from the gratuitous T&A photographs that plagued similar movies like last year’s The Shallows (was Bake Lively’s butt never not in frame?) 2005’s Into the Blue that seemed to cognizance more on Paul Walker’s abs and Jessica Alba’s curves than the real plot itself, and 1977’s The Deep , foremost known for two hours of Jacqueline Bissett in a wet t-shirt. An American Ambassador is killed all through an attack at a U.S. element in Libya as a security team problems to make sense from the chaos.

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