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Bill & Ted Face the Music 2020

PG-13  2020-08-27  |  92 min   |  6.4  | 👁 63  

Bill Gates

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Bill Clinton

Film is like a limited cast/character Film Most of the movie takes place in the sea sailing around parent evil force to break the curse. But at the end, you would think this kind of story is not worth for a feature Movie It looks a perfect short animation theme. Disney never disappoints its Enthusiast well, for me. So I enjoyed it, it was fun and Wonderful but too simple. The characters were cute, this is a wonderful film for youngsters and some grownups would too have fun with it. But this is not for all, in contrast to most of the Disney animations are. Dwayne\’s voice lending for one of the lead characters was good, but the girl steals the show. Especially if you are a kid and/or a girl. The most popular movie since \’Lilo & Stitch\’ on the similar theme about Pacific islands\’ people. But it reminded me \’Whale Rider\’. General I feel the story should have been greater a bit, in particular by consisting of a few more characters at least for the partial appearances. This is not the ideal animation of the year, also definitely the below-average credit one to skip. If your purpose of the watch is entertainment/timepass, it is good at that.

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