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A Tale of Two Coreys 2018

TV-14  2018-01-06  |  90 min   |  6.0  

A Tale Of Two Coreys Movie

The guy who a tale of two coreys lifetime movie played the young Corey Haim did incorporate some facial expressions that the real Corey Haim pulled, so while he doesn’t look like him at all he did do the most well known out of all the Coreys in basically starting to be who they were Gambling The older Corey Haim was not as good but ocassionally he’d get it right. Each of the people gambling Corey Feldman (young and old) despite the fact that didn’t come across as believable in any way as being the Feldster, which is weird since Feldman was actually involved and Haim really dead of the making you’d imagine it would have been the other way around. Now the guy playing the old Feldman does resemble him physically a fair bit but that’s where it stops. The thing about Feldman (as well as Haim) like many exhibits people who grow up in the limelight is that he’s a bit of a manchild because he was never really given a chance to 

A Tale Of Two Coreys Film

GRow up properly, and that doesn’t come across at all in the older Feldman’s efficiency (but then the youthful and wild side of young Feldman was not portrayed by the younger guy either). The guy playing Michael Jackson in a couple scenes did fairly well, I expected them to hire Navi again since it wasn’t long ago he filmed SEARCHING FOR NEVERLAND also for Lifetime Channel and did a pretty convincing job but like I spoke of the new guy here did well too. As far as the story goes it suffers from the typical things that Lifetime biopics suffer from, partly because they have to keep the schedule tight and the walking time can never be more than 90 minutes so they are limited in more ways than just finances etc reasons. But it was still fairly pleasing and it was a striking amount of hitsongs they used in the film one of which being CRY LITTLE SISTER from the Lost Boys.

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