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Thirst 2009

R  2009-04-30  |  133 min   |  6.9  

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An administrators long-gestating private undertaking may take several varieties: a rebuilding of the well, a timeless childhood reminiscence – that loved first program that never managed to get out from the cabinet, adored traditional. For Chan-Wook, who singlehandedly erupted the Korean film industry before decade with ‘JSA and ‘Oldboy, it had been a new twist on the common preference: the flick. However in a business saturated with bloodsuckers, all trying to insert new ideas into age old material, even the boldest filmmaker can struggle to get that promotion: this year alone weve had frosty skeletons in ‘Allow The Right One In, passionate skeletons in ‘True Blood and teen-abstinence vampires in ‘Twilight.
Areas technique will be to jettison all thats old-fashioned expected in vampire and lore – the adventure on the mountain, the fangs, the garlic – and exchange them along with his own personal and honorable obsessions. ‘Hunger is of prowling nightstalkers than the usual melodrama of ethical problem far how is it possible for a great gentleman to drop a horror story?

Performed-hyon (Music Kang-ho) can be a male seeking martyrdom, a Jesuit priest who presents himself as a sacrificial lamb to an African clinic specialising inside the dangerous EV virus. But since the virus requires Sang and store – hyon breathes 

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His last, a crisis blood transfusion gives him back to life – together of the underworld. In a short time, the priest is battling the types of desires hes used a lifetime denying: female camaraderie and clean meat.

‘Desire can be a mistaken piece of work: Areas watch of his characters is skeptical, sometimes completely nasty, and his remedy of women – that are without exemption self serving and vicious – is dubious. The video seems congested, as Park tries to cram his plot with enough subtext to load a period of ‘True Blood: the vampire as partner and killer, paragon and parasite, saviour and Satan.

But this anything-goes attitude can also be the films finest advantage: never enabling his crowd a minute to get their breathing, Park scene into concept, idea into scene with wild power. Times of delightful distress are shattered by photographs all overlaid with an outrageous, of unspeakable fear, beautifully undesirable seam of pitch-black humour.

For all its faults, this can be a headlong tumble into Areas personal abyss, a breathless, stimulating knowledge as well as an amazingly careful take on problematic individual morality. That its likewise a rollicking, hysterical splatter -intercourse-comedy simply confirms ‘Thirst together of the decades more serious, entertainments that are enjoyable.

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