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Barnyard 2006

PG  2006-08-04  |  90 min   |  5.6  

Watch Barnyard 2006 Online Streaming

When barnyard movie biggie cheese things get crazy at the farm, it's up to and including boisterous bovine named Otis (voiced by Kevin James) to truly save the day in this computer-animated tale. The animals in this barnyard sing, dance and celebration, but Otis's firm dad (Sam Elliott) cautions the team to help keep their cool about humans. Troublemaker Otis 

Watch Barnyard 2006 Free Streaming

Seldom listens to his pop, but when the farmer disappears and the animals get mad, the young cow knows she must end the madness. "Finding Dory" reunites Dory with buddies Nemo and Marlin on a look for responses about her past. What can she remember? Who are her parents? And wherever did she learn to talk Whale?

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