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Bedazzled 2000

PG-13  2000-10-19  |  93 min   |  5.5  

Watch Bedazzled 2000 Online Streaming

Harold Ramis could have bedazzled movie cast had fun with a pact and eight miraculous wishes, but this update of a 1967 update of a wellworn story does not ignite. The hero, Elliot Richards (Fraser), persuaded by the Demon for the reason of the Major Mac and Coke, wastes his desires, while his so called adversary, the Queen of Night in a red outfit, catsuit, traffic-policeman and nurse outfits 

Watch Bedazzled 2000 Free Streaming

(HurLey, barkingly mediocre), uses and consumes him within an ad-hoc method, hence undermining the guidelines of their game. Essentially, a PC geek finds a lesson that is healthier about being rewarded with and not dreaming his lifestyle away, er, his dreams’ girl, although a transmogrified model. Having said that as well as the leads possess some canny traces.

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