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Bhaagamathie 2018

  2018-01-26  |  138 min   |  6.3  

Bhaagamathie Movie

Bhaagamathie is bhaagamathie movie telugu kind of various movie which we used to watch before. Its based on socio-political issue as well as horror and mystery movie. There are 5 reasons given below that why should you watch this movie. Anushka Shetty’s performance – Anushka Shetty’s outstanding efficiency as Chanchala (which we have seen in her other roles e.g. Devsena, Sweet etc.) The versatile star putting off – the other stars of Closing Unni Mukundan, Asha Sharath, Jayaram, are versatile actors and Standard in their own 

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IndustrIes. Thaman’s BGM – The historical past song and songs are really very sweet. Movie Direction – Direction of movie is too good that it has scary scenes, but more centred on its story. Tailored script for Anushka – The script of movie written by Director G Ashok notably keeping Anushka Shetty in mind. He waited 4 years for her to give the dates. An National Ambassador is killed during an assault at a U.S. compound in Libya as a security staff problems to produce feeling out of the chaos.

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