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Secret Reunion 2010

  2010-02-04  |  116 min   |  6.4  

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If Secret Reunion 2010 Online Cena really wants to follow while in the actions of wrestler that is other -made-actor Dwayne “The Rock” Jackson, he could wish to learn how to grin. Or at least to choose on better product than “The Reunion.”

Within this modern day developed, that is riddled with increased cliches than round holes, Cena represents Jan, a loose-cannon cop who, while stopped in the push, groups up along with his two estranged half brothers – ex-con Douglas (Boyd Holbrook) and bail bondsman Leo (Ethan Embry) – to-go after some kidnappers who’ve absconded having a rich businessman for the charming canyon countries of Mexico.

The three are riding around on horseback, wearing hats and T before you know it. Dusters, because they bicker, banter and blast crooks up. A working joke needs to do with which ones is Adam, that will be Hoss and which is Small Joe.


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NeverthelEss the movie is not for old “Bonanza” fans.It’s totally a Cena love fest below. The needlessly difficult plot has a lot of rubbish about their fatheris will, which stipulates before they could gather his thousands that the three should come together, but none of this really concerns.

“The Gathering” is especially for folks who happen to be obsessed with Cenais stoic Rushmore- esque countenance and who do not find the concept of the massive lug moving the fringe of a ledge off onto an airborne helicopter’s landing equipment remotely absurd.

Stranger things have already been known to occur. The Rock is now a video star.Contains assault, quick sensuality. In Spanish and English with subtitles. An American Ambassador is killed during an strike at a U.S. element in Libya as a protection group problems to produce sense from the chaos.

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